NV4500 Transmission 5th Gear Repair

Since Dodge introduced the New Venture 4500 transmission in 1992 it has enjoyed a reputation for reliability and strength. The NV4500 has gained popularity over the years as a replacement transmission for the conversions of older 4 speed manual transmissions into 5 speed manual transmissions, making them more dependable and fuel efficient by adding the extra gear.

However, since its introduction, the one failing frequently seen in the NV4500 is the lose of its 5th gear. We have had numerous customers with this problem several times during the ownership of their vehicle. That is why as owner of Active Transmission and Gear in Arvada Colorado and with more than 30 years experience working on both automatic and manual transmissions I designed a new lock nut retainer that makes it impossible for the fifth gear nut to back off. The new retainer locks the nut into the main shaft spline and prevents the problem from occurring.

There is no need to purchase a main shaft update kit or new locknut. The 5th Gear Locknut Retainer works with the original nut or any after market nut. No special tools needed: Just index the retainer on the spline into your existing locknut.

The 5th Gear Lock Nut Retainer (Patent Pending) is made of durable Chromoly Steel right here in the USA.

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