Installation Instructions

  1. Lift and support vehicle with appropriate hoist or stands.

  2. Drain transfer case fluid into appropriate container.

  3. Remove both drive shafts from vehicle.

  4. Support the transmission and transfer case and then remove the cross member support.

  5. Remove all bolts, hoses, and electrical wiring from transfer case and then remove transfer case from vehicle.

  6. Remove bolts from extension housing and remove extension housing from transmission.

  7. Inspect for damage to the main shaft and gear. If the locknut is backed off or loose on the main shaft, remove the nut and replace it with OEM replacement part 5013887AA.

  8. Reinstall the locknut on the shaft, tightening it to 280 ft. lbs.

  9. Slide the locknut retainer over the shaft splines and into the correct alignment position of the locknut (4 Tabs), then tap with a hammer to verify full seated position.  Note: There can be a small gap of approximately 1/8” in full seated position between the retainer and the locknut.

  10. Paying careful attention, replace the extension housing and make sure there is clearance between the housing and the locknut retainer before tightening the extension housing bolts. Note: If the housing does not have clearance from touching the retainer, disregard use of the retainer or machining .050 off the back side may be necessary but this condition is extremely rare and usually only happens with aftermarket locknuts and shafts.

  11. Install the transfer case with new gasket. Pay close attention to the clearance of the input hub of the transfer case and the locknut retainer. If the transfer case does not seat easily against the extension housing the removal of .050 off the backside of the retainer will be necessary for use. Never force the transfer case against the retainer.  Again; aftermarket shafts and locknuts can and have created on very rare occasions, a clearance issue from the transfer case hub to the locknut retainer. Note: You should never have a need to remove more than .050 from the retainer in any circumstance.

  12. With the transfer case installed, secure the cross member, mount, drive shafts and make sure the transmission and transfer case are filled to the appropriate level with the manufacturer recommended fluid.

  13. Test for operation of transmission and transfer case then get it down the road.


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