NV4500 Transmission

The New Venture 4500 Transmission, commonly known simply as the NV4500 transmission, was introduced in the early ‘90s and quickly adopted for use in the Dodge and Chevrolet truck lines. Known for its sturdy reliability, this robust manual transmission was included in production models from 1992 until 2007 as well as a popular replacement transmission in 4-speed to 5-speed conversions. It’s a frequent choice for 5-speed replacement transmissions as well.

First used in the 3/4 and 1 ton Dodge and Chevy pickups it has a cast iron case and an aluminum top cover with either an aluminum or cast iron tail housing. The NV4500 is a top loading transmission and came with either a 5.61 or 6.34 low gear ratio. It’s considered to be a very good unit for conversion applications from the older 4-speed units because of its 27% overdrive.  Failure of the 3rd and 4th gear synchro rings was one of the minor problems of this transmission. These rings commonly failed for two reasons; the first was driver abuse due to speed shifting by people who thought they would lose too many RPM’s and horsepower if the shifted normally. The diesel engine had plenty of torque to overcome this. The second reason for failure of the synchro rings was the use of the wrong type of lubrication, the proper type of fluid is a must for this unit. When driven correctly these failures can be avoided, we have serviced units driven nearly 200,000 miles without any problems.

The other common failure in the NV4500 is the 5th gear retaining nut coming loose on the rear of the main shaft. This nut would come loose letting the 5th gear slide rearward causing the loss of 5th gear. There have been several updated nuts and main shaft changes to correct the problem. Having repaired this unit since it came out, we have seen most every update kit continue to lose 5th gear. This is the reason we came up with what we believe to be the best fix.


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